Sustainable energy: big business worldwide

In the fight to bring sustainable energy to every home, through a broad variety of technologies, many people have pointed out that solar and wind sources remain large a “niche interest” that sit well behind options like natural gas and nuclear power. While natural gas isn’t renewable, nuclear power is often touted as an emissions-reduced way to power today’s homes and businesses without investing in solar panels, wind turbines, and other more expensive technologies.

National Geographic, however, reports that the days of dominance for natural gas and nuclear power might be coming to an end. Indeed, the combined forces of all global renewable energy sources are on track to eclipse the power generation that comes from both nuclear power plants and natural gas sources.


A Big Milestone: Renewable Energy is Here to Stay

If anything, the report shows that sustainable energy source and renewable energy configurations are not going anywhere. Their size and magnitude is increasing worldwide, and at a pretty dramatic clip. While the report notes that it will take quite a bit of time for renewable energy sources to eclipse the likes of refine petroleum and other oil products, it does at least sound an optimistic tone for future adoption. After all, a bigger market for renewable energy means lower equipment costs, lower electricity costs, and a more sustainable ecosystem overall.

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