Sustainable electricity

Since the invention of the light bulb, humans have lit their homes and heated their living spaces by using natural gas, coal, refined petroleum, and other sources that produce carbon, reduce the quality of the air, and pose real threats to long-term sustainability of the planet and its ecosystems. In recent years, technological developments have made it possible to obtain electricity from sustainable sources, reducing the need for fossil fuels and other substances toxic to the atmosphere.

Solar Power: A Promising and Emissions-Free Way to Go

De Friese Bierbrouwerij_Bolsward_0014The earth has one source of power that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The sun, which graces most of the planet for at least eight hours even during the coldest months of the year, is actually a major energy source that is increasingly being leveraged around the world. With the use of solar panels, the energy that is transmitted from the sun to the earth can actually be captured, converted, and used to power an entire home or business. In fact, it’s already doing just that in the UK andĀ throughout the world. Solar panels installed to roofs, and solar farms that take up vast amounts of open land, are becoming a new source of affordable, renewable energy.


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Wind Presents a Great Opportunity in Some Areas

wind-turbine-tax-credit-expire-537x393The exact causes of wind remain somewhat mysterious to scientists, but its potential to be a game changer for sustainable electricity areĀ much more certain. In areas where the wend always seems to blow, like the American Midwest and the Canadian prairies, wind turbines are producing so much power for homeowners and businesses that much of the power produced is being sold back to the power grid.

With options like wind and solar, which use energies that are among the most lasting in the universe, sustainable power is now a more promising field than ever before. Increasingly, these sources of electricity will become commonplace, used by the vast majority of people worldwide.