Future domination

A Look Ahead: How Sustainable Energy Will Dominate the Future

While sustainable energy is already becoming a big deal in the UK, the United States, and countries all around the world, it remains a technology that is firmly in its infancy. Indeed, the power produced by wind turbines, solar panels, and even hydrogen fuel cells, has a long way to advance. Smaller solar panel cells will be able to produce greater amounts of energy, while hydrogen fuel cells will make it possible to essentially drive cars that emit nothing but water. Wind, too, has areas of advancement that could keep it viable for generations.

The United Nations: Focusing on A Sustainable Global Future


While many people are focused on the present nature of sustainable energy, especially as they seek to install their own turbines or solar panels, the United Nations is focused on a long-range plan that calls for global cooperation, shared innovation, and new power sources that will allow even developing economies to harness the power of solar and wind energies, among others. It’s a long-term plan that is among the most cohesive and agreed upon worldwide, and it could change the way that energy is captured and distributed in countries with major economies, as well as those in the third world.

America’s Sustainable Future is a Key Way to Prevent Further Global Warming

While the United Nations has enacted its own sustainability plan, and many European nations have done the same, many eyes remain on the United States when it comes to providing for a sustainable future. After all, the country is home to some of the best wind-powered opportunities for energy capture and distribution. Its deserts are a magnet for solar energy. Furthermore, the U.S. currently produces the second-largest amount of carbon emissions of any country on the planet. That’s why the Department of Energy’s sustainability plan is so heartening. It provides for a completely sustainable America over the next few decades.

At both the global and local levels, developments are encouraging in a time of erratic weather patterns and toxic emissions. The future of sustainability is one of shared innovation, cooperative implementation, and results that benefit all countries and economies dramatically.