• multi-usage-hemp

    Hemp, the Biomass Power Plant

    The wonders of hemp as an alternative crop for farmers continue to amaze the world. It’s a crop that’s easy to grow, is gentle on the soil and provides a way for farmers to grow another cash crop. Research indicates that hemp can become a bio-fuel of the future. Recent[...]

  • sri-lanka-attractions

    Sri Lanka Rising Phoenix

    Infrastructure and Tourism in the Wake of the 2004 Tsunami On Sunday, 26 December 2004, a series of earthquake-generated tsunamis devastated coastal communities in 11 Indian Ocean countries. “The earthquake-induced tsunami resulted in at least 155,000 fatalities, 500,000 injuries, and damages that exceeded $10 billion. Also, it is estimated that[...]

  • Apple-solar-farm

    Apple continues the need of solar sustainability

    Apple Inc. is no stranger to renewable energy, having become the largest buyer of solar panels and related technologies in the United States per capita over the last two years. Its solar farms in North Carolina are one of its crowning achievements, even if they remain a bit less pocket-sized[...]

  • energy-report-sustainable-hydroelectric_68804_600x450

    Sustainable energy: big business worldwide

    In the fight to bring sustainable energy to every home, through a broad variety of technologies, many people have pointed out that solar and wind sources remain large a “niche interest” that sit well behind options like natural gas and nuclear power. While natural gas isn’t renewable, nuclear power is[...]

  • Samsung_sdi

    Samsung’s Sustainable Energy World

    When most people think of the name Samsung, their focus almost immediately shifts to Android smartphones, tablets, or maybe high definition television sets. The company’s reach, though, is far broader than these devices. In fact, it now encompasses renewable energy technologies and developments in Canada and in Europe, where the[...]

  • 66747_10151761408069910_300907695_n

    American Renewable Energy Day

    The United States has, under the leadership of President Barack Obama and his cabinet, become much more dedicated to sustainable energy sources and a transition to a future dependent entirely on renewable sources of electricity. So much progress has been made domestically, in fact, that the American Renewable Energy Day[...]

  • Pic3-Amsterdam-Vijzelgracht

    Amsterdam, proving ground for sustainable buildings?

    The European Union has been one of the most aggressive political entities when it comes to embracing sustainable energy and next-generation building codes that focus on renewable energy sources and “low energy” operation. One of the problems, though, is that these aspirational plans for a sustainable future seem a bit[...]

  • NPR_Grid

    A roadmap for a sustainable future

    While much of the focus on renewable energy has taken place in Asia, North America, and most of Europe, most Central American countries have been left out of the loop. Indeed, the political instability of the region and the rather fragile economies found between the Mexican border and South America,[...]