Apple continues the need of solar sustainability

Apple Inc. is no stranger to renewable energy, having become the largest buyer of solar panels and related technologies in the United States per capita over the last two years. Its solar farms in North Carolina are one of its crowning achievements, even if they remain a bit less pocket-sized and understandable than its industry-leading smartphones and tablets. The company recently announced plans to build a larger server farm and an even larger solar facility in Reno, Nevada. Serving as a crucial part of its iCloud service expansion, this solar farm looks to keep the company in the top position for solar energy nationwide for at least the next two years.


A Noble Goal: The Benefits of Tech Without the Drawbacks of Fossil Fuels

Apple has always been an eco-friendly player in the tech world, having produced its laptops, desktops, and mobile devices from recyclable glass, aluminum, and other renewable materials. The company also participates in a well-received device recycling program on behalf of its customers. It is the company’s commitment to¬†solar farms, though, that really makes a difference.

With its adoption of large solar facilities near virtually every server farm it operates, Apple is on track to draw the majority of its operational power from solar sources. With its new facility in Reno, Apple could soon end up produce more electricity from renewable sources than it actually consumes as a whole. It’s the very definition of high-tech leadership that the rest of the industry could learn from over time.

Apple’s environmental reports

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