Amsterdam, proving ground for sustainable buildings?

The European Union has been one of the most aggressive political entities when it comes to embracing sustainable energy and next-generation building codes that focus on renewable energy sources and “low energy” operation. One of the problems, though, is that these aspirational plans for a sustainable future seem a bit far-fetched to many of today’s business owners, homeowners, and real estate developers. In Amsterdam, those doubts are being cast aside as part of a proposed new housing development in the Northern European city.

Peninsulas and Sustainability: The Modern Amsterdam Example


Developers in the Netherlands recently unveiled a plan for a new housing development, set on a series of small peninsulas, which both require very little energy and use only energy that can be obtained from renewable sources. The development relies on wind, primarily, but also solar technologies. Building materials are innovative, highly efficiency, and designed to reduce the need for home heating or cooling, indoor illumination, and other energy-intensive needs.

All told, the development is proof that the EU has the right mindset, and the right technologies, to pursue its optimistic vision of a high-efficiency, low-energy future across the entire continent.

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