American Renewable Energy Day

aceliThe United States has, under the leadership of President Barack Obama and his cabinet, become much more dedicated to sustainable energy sources and a transition to a future dependent entirely on renewable sources of electricity. So much progress has been made domestically, in fact, that the American Renewable Energy Day theme for 2013 is one with a very grand vision: The transition to a sustainable energy economy in every country around the world.

A Big Goal and a Grand Vision for Renewable Energy

America’s policies have never been the kind to underestimate the power for optimism and change, and that’s certainly true of the theme of this year’s American Renewable Energy Day. The theme is dedicated to researching the ways that renewable energy can transform developing economies, lift the third world out of poverty, and benefit the earths’ natural habitats in the process.

All told, it looks to be a major transformation of the way sustainable energy policy is pursued in the United States. If that means better cooperation with like-minded countries in Europe, Asia, and elsewhere, then those dedicated to the cause have a major reason to celebrate indeed.

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