A roadmap for a sustainable future

While much of the focus on renewable energy has taken place in Asia, North America, and most of Europe, most Central American countries have been left out of the loop. Indeed, the political instability of the region and the rather fragile economies found between the Mexican border and South America, have caused other issues to be moved to the fore. Sustainable energy has suffered as a result.

There is now a collective call for action in the region, though, that might lead to Central America playing a much more active role in global energy policy as time goes on. That would make good sense for local economies: Central America has some of the best weather for both solar and wind utilization, and it could leverage this weather to become a global leader in renewable energy production and proliferation.


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Only Time Will Tell if Central America Takes Charge of its Future

Though renewable energy has not been at the forefront of Central American political life, it has not been dormant, either. Policies and regulations seeking sustainability have been put into place in most countries throughout the region. With a collective vision and regional cooperation, however, there may be even bigger changes afoot for this beautiful and independent part of the world.


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